Western Digital My Passport X 2TB Review

October 9th, 2015 by Dan

Love my Xbox One; but I do think Microsoft made a huge mistake with
not allowing the end user to easily swap the HDD for a higher capacity drive. Sony’s PS3 and PS4? Both end-user upgradeable, why Microsoft decided against this is beyond me.

With the average install of a game being over 10GB (Destiny is over 50GB!!), it’ll come as no surprise to you, dear reader, that the free space you do have with your console, will soon be devoured. Sure, you can delete the games to reinstall at a later date but the problem is, is that most of these games require hefty patching once installed too. Take the Witcher 3 for example, once installed it needs to be patched and the update that’s looming is rumoured to be a whopping 15GB in size; something that you can’t exactly download and install on a whim, because you fancy running around Rivia lopping the head from a Drowner or two.


Worry not, your Xbox One has USB 3.0 ports and the ability to utilise external storage; literally meaning that you’re able to hook up a USB 3.0 HDD or USB drive and take some strain away from the internal, groaning hard disk in the console itself. You can opt to download to it, install to it and of course, play games from it.

Western Digital’s My Passport X 2TB is a viable solution to your gaming storage woes and is an absolute beauty. Hook it up to your console, format it via the console’s prompt and you’re good to go. It’s literally plug in the drive, format and name – EASY! Once this is done, you’ve quite literally around 4X the storage of the launch console’s space (2x the space of the newer revised hardware).

I don’t know whether it’s me being giddy over the utter brilliance of not having to worry about storage space (for now at least) or if the drive is actually fast, but booting games and installing to the My Passport X DOES seem to be faster. Whether it is, or not, is to be determined but the experience I’ve had so far point to it actually being really rather nippy.

Presentation wise, the My PassPort X has a great looking matte black finish, with the logo on the top and rubber feet on the bottom – ensuring your drive doesn’t slip or slide when it’s place on/beside your shiny Xbox One (especially when you have a Basset Hound that loves thundering around the house, sliding on rugs and generally being like an elephant).

The Western Digital My Passport X is a great piece of kit. It’s sleek, fast and does exactly what you want from an external drive (you can obviously still use this on a PC or Xbox 360, should you want to). One feature that’s not really touted enough is that all of your installed games on the drive are playable on other consoles. So if you pop round a friend’s place, hook up your My Passport X, sign in and you can play your content on his Xbox One – brilliant!

If you’re looking for more storage space for your Xbox One, you won’t go wrong with the My Passport X!