Etymotic hf3 headset review

August 20th, 2015 by Dan

The Etymotic hf3 high-fidelity, noise isolating headset was sent to me and who am I to say no to check them out?  If you guys read our pages regularly, you’ll know that over the years, we’ve reviewed quite a few sets of headphones!
The biggest lure for me, is that these headphones, although in the ear, offer custom fit earmolds.  This essentially means that you’re able to adjust the sizing of the pieces that fit in your ear, so that they really do feel comfortable enough for long term use.  THere’s nothing worse than a set of earbuds that feel comfy, only for your ear to start sweating and then the buds rub, causing irritation and leaving your inner ear really quite sore.  For this very reason, I’ve been using the band style headphones for any long journeys.


With a big of fiddling, I found the hf3s to be incredibly comfortable and it’s quite literally the first time ever that I’ve managed a whole journey down to my parents’ house (250 miles) and back, without having to remove the headphones due to irritation and annoyance from them rubbing against the skin of my ears.


The triple flange tips really do help keep the buds in place (there are also some spongey ones and ones that look sort of like mushrooms) and also help deliver a great sense of base but more importantly, they do manage to deliver incredibly noise isolation; meaning that not only am I cut off from the hoi polloi, I’m also not irritating the guy I’m sat next to on the lengthy coach journey.  Just make sure that if you do decide to invest your hard earned cash in a set of these, to push them in deep enough; you really can hear quite a difference between them resting in your ears and being inserted correctly.  It’s something I repeat, over and over again but music sounds as good as the speakers or the headset you’re using produces.  The hf3 headset not only produces incredibly crisp and sharp audio, whilst delivering rich enough bass to stop your beloved tracks sounding tinny.  If you’re a serious audiophile, you’ll love these; the frequency range is tight and honestly, I would expect this kind of fidelity from something with a much higher retail price.


With some fiddling, inserting (you do have to push them quite deeply) and some awesome music, in my case, a bit of classic 90s Slayer, the Etymotic hf3 deliver in spades, they have a fantastic microphone built in – so, if you’re like me and use your phone as a media device, you won’t lose that all important call and you’ll actually be heard by the person on the other end.

There are no serious gripes with the set, although the replacement flanges, should you lose a set, are quite pricey to replace.

Available from and for £119.95