Boost your console’s capacity with My Passport X

August 6th, 2015 by Dan

With the latest generation of consoles now firmly installed in homes, the biggest gripe gamers have is the lack of space.  Both the PS4 and the Xbox One ship with a paltry 500GB HDD and only recently have Microsoft and Sony decided to release 1GB variations of their hardware.

Both consoles CAN have their hard disks replaced and upgraded; but Microsoft have once again made the task arduous and by doing so, you invalidate your console’s warranty if you choose to do so.  Sony, on the other hand, has taken a stance similar to what they took with PS3 and has actually made the process a simple swap out process and owners don’t negate their warranty doing so!HDD

So, if you’re not confident enough with a screw driver or just plain don’t want to invalidate your shiny console’s guarantee, what do you do?

You get yourself an inexpensive USB harddisk, like the My Passport X from Western Digital.

A standard Xbox One only has 362GB of built-in storage, so announcements like today’s Rare Replay – which takes up a whopping 50GB of storage – are likely to mean that gamers will start having to be selective with their downloads. To avoid having to delete titles in their library, gamers should start thinking about additional storage solutions, such as the My Passport X external hard drive!

My Passport X gaming storage expands your Xbox One gaming experience. Connect this portable and powerful drive to immediately add storage capacity to your system. Built around a high-quality WD drive, the My Passport X gaming storage is performance-tweaked to meet the desires of serious gamers.

Connecting the My Passport X gaming storage to your Xbox One is like equipping your gaming avatar with super-lifting strength and speed. It gives you the room to store a lot more games, plus the speed of a USB 3.0 compatibility for a lightning-quick gaming experience. My Passport X is backwardly compatible with USB 2.0 ports on Xbox 360 consoles. It’s built to deliver a great gaming performance for Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC gamers!