Lifestyle Geek – Revolutionary handheld vacuuming with Vorwerk

May 29th, 2012 by Dan

Making a mess in the house is the priority of kids and pets in this household, whether it’s bits of biscuit that the dog’s not eaten (or indeed, my son) or just lumps of pet dander rolling around the floor like a tumbleweed; sometimes it’s far simpler to just run to the kitchen and grab the broom and pan than grab Henry, lug him and his various accessories into the room that’s messy and vacuum up any mess.  Obviously, a broom and a pan’s ok for the chunkier bits and pieces of grot, but for the finer pieces, it simply won’t do.  That’s where a hand-held vacuum cleaner would come in handy, one like Vorwerk’s Kobold VC100 would be perfect and it’d help keep the household’s grot level to an all new low.



Stylish, compact and incredibly useful, the brand new Kobold VC100 handheld vacuum cleaner by Vorwerk is the must-have gadget for any home.

Weighing in at just 750g and less than 42cm in length, the VC100 has 2 power level settings, an LED battery indicator and comes complete with a quick-charge lithium-ion battery which gives it a life of 20 minutes – far longer than other handheld models.

Perfect for vacuuming up crumbs from the dinner table and for keeping home-offices and cars spick and span, the supreme cleaning power of this tiny machine will not disappoint.

In a sleek white and green design, the VC100 looks so smart it does not look out of place when wall mounted along with other appliances.


The Vorwerk Kobold VC100 is priced from £149 and available exclusively through VK Direct on 0844 8000123 or visit


Housing: high-quality recyclable thermo-shaped plastic

Motor: Maintenance-free DC motor with approx. 20,000 r/min

Input voltage mains charger: 200 – 240 volts alternating current voltage 50/60 Hertz

Output voltage mains charger: 12V DC +/- 10%

Nominal performance of motor: approx. 50 watts

Maximum air power: 9 watts

Maximum volume flow: 12 litres/second

Weight: 750g

Noise emission: 74 dBA

Battery pack: Lithium-ion