Beauty Geek – Pevonia Botanica RS2 Ligne Rose Range – Review

March 26th, 2012 by Dan

Since my late teens I’ve spent a lot of money on various beauty products that were touted as being able to reduce skin redness or rosacea, none of them worked for me and at best just made my skin look a little less cross and at worst caused temporary but sore dry skin patches. Now in my thirties I’ve somewhat given up on my skin ever getting significantly better and resort to cunning camouflage with concealer, powder and blush. Without a doubt it’s the “flaw” I’m most conscious of when considering which facial products to use, so I was keen to see if Pevonia Botanica’s range would help my sensitive skin.

Free from: parabens, alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, PABA, artificial colors, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate and urea and refraining from any form of animal testing they’re already off to a good start in my book and they’re not a new brand either, a quick look at their website shows an extensive range of home and spa products which are distributed in over 95 countries around the world.

Pevonia Botanica’s dedicated Rosacea range – RS2, is created using ingredients shown to help the symptoms of this condition and include: Green Tea (healing, anti-irritant, anti-bacterial), Chamomile (de-stressing), Allontoin (healing) and French Rose Essential Oil which helps to calm redness and offers a gentle fragrance. With the range including a cleanser, lotion, cream and gel you could mix and match with your other products or try the complete line – I’m reviewing the Travel Pack which contains the cleanser, lotion and cream for a very reasonable £42.00.

RS2 Gentle Cleanser  – this was my favourite of the trio seeing as I struggle to use even the gentlest of cleansing products without some negative reaction, you only need apply a small amount to dry skin and then using damp fingers to work the product over your face before removing with a soft flannel. My skin felt clean without having being stripped of moisture and this cleanser was mild enough for me to use morning and night, which is a first.

RS2 Gentle Lotion – the lotion pleasantly surprised me, like cleansers I’ve never found one that works well for me and certainly not one I would ever consider spending regular money for,however, the big win with Pevonia Botanica’s product is the reduction in irritation and blotchiness. Yes, my skin is still visibly red across my cheeks but it’s improved and I’m less conscious and awkward-feeling because of it.

RS2 Care Cream – the care cream was the product I was most excited about trying as a quick scout on their website shows that it contains a whole host of skin goodies, sadly, it really didn’t seem good value to me. I tried the cream for a couple of days without the other two products first and then as part of the entire skin care routine and didn’t feel that it offered more than my normal moisturising products. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good cream and certainly didn’t irritate or worsen my condition but at £55.00 for 50ml is on the expensive side.

Having reviewed the RS2 Gentle Cleanser, RS2 Gentle Lotion and RS2 Care Cream over the last fortnight I’m a little torn as I’ve not seen a big enough improvement to justify the price of the three products combined, £111 for a skincare routine is sizeable, a little does go a long way however so if you can afford the initial outlay the economy wouldn’t be awful over a long period of time. Out of the range of three I trialled I will almost certainly be purchasing the Cleanser and Lotion in the future as I’ve not found better for helping to control redness and irritation.